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At Congleton Glass Co. Ltd, we offer a wide range of beautiful, multi-functional windows. Our Nova and safeguard ranges of uPVC windows are high-quality and low maintenance. "A" energy rated as standard and always fully reinforced. Available as standard opening windows, tilt and turn or fully reversible.
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The Settanta range

We use the Settanta range which is the U.K's first approved zero-carbon uPVC window system. These have an outward opening casement window and feature slim sight lines. The range is available with the BS7950 security Kitemark and is designed to meet the Secured by Design requirements. Its unique patented design uses 8 point locks on each sash, with stainless steel shoot bolts and quality friction hinges.

A wide range of colours

Our uPVC windows are available in white, rosewood, irish oak, anthracite grey, cream, black or golden oak. All colours have a grained texture even white on request. The two-tone versions are popular if you are looking to retain a lighter feel within your home.

For special orders absolutely any colour is available even pink, just provide us with the ral colour code.

Specially designed

Settanta can create specially designed windows that add their own unique individuality to your property. Our windows don't compromise on the level of security that you can expect from Settanta.

Simplicity of usage

The Settanta range of windows are easy to operate. Our shoot bolt runners use the glide system, meaning windows can be opened and closed with ease. The windows come with self locking handles, twin end keeps and lockable night vents.

The high security lock options are provided with two stainless steel claws that grip the frame of the window, from a secure angle.

Fire escapes

The hinges are specially designed and can be fitted to create an opening, which is used to escape the premises, in the event of a fire.

With the press of a lever, this hinge allows the window to slide across its length for easy cleaning.

Two position window keep

An extremely robust two position keep is fitted to the window frame. It adds to the window security and the windows can be locked when ajar, for ventilation.


Our unique 'Tusk-lok' system provides additional security on the hinges of your window. The shoot bolts or metal help in securing the window to its frame. Remember that these shoot bolts are a standard fitting to all Settanta products.
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Belvedere range

We provide Belvedere window systems that are beautiful. They have curves on both the inner side and outer side of the frame. Belvedere windows give clean and crisp sightlines due to low glazing.

Security and insulation

With high security hinges and stainless steel shoot bolts, these windows are amongst the safest windows being sold in the construction market today. Belvedere windows have passed the British Standards' BS 7950/ 7412 high security tests. They are also endorsed by the former Deputy Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, John Stalker.

Improved thermal capability

All of our windows are "A" energy rated as standard. We achieve this by the use of an energy efficient glass to the inner pane, warm edge spacers between the glass, an argon filled cavity and low iron glass to the outer pane. Triple glazing up to 44mm thick is also available. All of windows also use special thermal insert reinforcement which is stronger than aluminium and more thermally efficient.

Offering window accessories

No matter your personal style, you can rest assured that you will find the perfect colour choice to suit your home. We also stock many window accessories that you can choose from, when you opt for a Belvedere window.
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